Mark Hartslief, B.Sc., RDT

Mark is the NYCDRS CEO. He is a leading, internationally recognized dental technician with over 30 years’ experience. He attended Dental School in the University of Durban, Natal in South Africa. While attending Dental School he worked alongside Victor Hartslief and Martin Loewenstein who direct two of the top 10 Dental Labs in the Southern Hemisphere. Mark completed a post-graduate course at the University of Natal earning his RDT classification, specializing as a Dental Technologist. He received awards of excellence in his Research, Practical and Material Science. He subsequently gained a reputation for quality, precision, innovation, and high-end work. This started  his international journey taking him first to Switzerland, working and training alongside Mr. Marco Spescha , Mr. Willi Geller, and then into the USA, working for Marotta Dental Studio, a full-service lab noted for strong implant capabilities and serving clients nationally. After 15 years with Marotta, he formed and launched the New York Center for Digital Restorative Solutions (NYCDRS) as Chief Executive. Mark has a broad knowledge base with diverse experience in all aspects of prosthetics. He has lectured, published, conducted hands on courses, led training programs for Prosthodontic Schools such as North Shore and NYU, mentored MDT, CDT technicians and has extensive chairside assistance with special empathy in terms of "hands in the mouth" subtleties. He is now at the forefront of the revolutions in digital dentistry, material science and helping dentists transition from traditional, analog modus operandi, to digital.